The advancement of technology over the past decades has made that modern people are dependent on electricity for daily and efficient functioning. Electricity can be considered almost as essential to life as oxygen.

Each interruption in the supply of energy causes organizational chaos, which is associated not only with discomfort, but also with measurable losses. This fact proves how important the work of electricians and energy engineers is for the efficient functioning of both the society and each individual. As energy equipment requires constant modernization, it is extremely important that this is done without depriving consumers of electricity.

Therefore, the Live-Line Working Technology has become a breakthrough for Distribution System Operators and their partners. The tools for this work must ensure safety and facilitate the execution of the task. Hubix, has been producing equipment for Live-Line Working for more than 40 years, puts safety at the top of its agenda. Our experienced and well-educated team is constantly working on improving and developing technologies and bringing them to the market.

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