How we care for the environment

Macroregion = Europe 

Poland as a member of the European Union is obligated to take care of the natural environment. In consequence, a system of directives for every entity that takes part in industrial production has been created. The process of implementing the environmental policy was examined in 2019, and conclusions place emphasis primarily on the necessity of working out the rules for the functioning of ecology in industrial production. Sustainable Development Strategy for Poland by 2025, recommends implementing the process of clean production and formalized systems of environmental management. (EMAS, ISO 14001). 

Ecology in industry 

We treat the goal of implementing ecology into industrial production as a serious shaping factor of competitive advantage. We constantly search for solutions that minimize environmental damage. It’s impossible to create industrial technology without using energy and matter, but applying the most effective solutions in the designing process is possible. For production engineers, the task of improving organizing processes, along with noise reduction, saving materials, energy, water, and proper waste management, is feasible. 

The use of solar energy 

Solar energy is now the third-largest renewable energy source in terms of total consumption. The growing popularity of photovoltaic systems takes place also in Poland. However, the usage of solar panels should not be random and chaotic. As an aware and farsighted prosumer, we have designed the optimal layout of photovoltaic cells which generate energy in the working hours of our plant. Due to that, the work cycle of the panels is used to the maximum with the start in the breakaway torque, as it is the period of high power consumption in our machinery park.

Green machining 

Ecological technologies of production, besides experiments of decreasing in moments of high power consumption, allow to minimize the usage of cooling liquid and enable its recycling. Our plant is covered by the closed-circuit system of water which is used in cooling processes. It causes the elimination of liquid waste and allows us to use water multiple times. The heat generated during the process is utilized for heating our factory. 


Industrial production assumes real calculation of benefits, hence, a very open attitude towards recycling. Production of devices using resources recovered during the recycling process means saving energy, materials (metal ores, oil, and other chemical substances), minimizing environmental damage (of water, air, and soil), and lowering the cost of utilizing waste. 

Electro-insulating helm Secra, our flagship product, is designed for working on voltage installations. Secra fulfills every personal security requirement and generates approximately 22,5g of waste per copy. We strive for maximum material use, and, because of that, we are able to use 95% of the waste mass in our production process once again. 

The reduction of carbon footprint 

The European Union sets a clear goal which is climate neutrality by the year 2050. It means stopping human activity, harmful to the environment, started in the era of steam and electricity. It is not surprising that great emphasis is put on calculating the carbon footprint of companies as it slowly becomes one of the conditions while securing public contracts. Our actions in this field focus primarily on rational waste management, reducing in their amount, proper recycling, and energy-saving solutions in our factory. Also, having our own laboratory is not without significance, as we do not have to rely on external solutions, companies, their transport, and data transfer (digital footprint). 

Preparation of tools intended for work on energized voltage installation allows looking more broadly at safety and dangers related to electricity not only for humans but also for animals. Because of that, the company developed technology in many directions. Overhead LV networks and MV overhead networks have become our products. Electro-insulating limiters protect unaware birds that sit, nest, and rest on electric poles. 

Hubix Bird Protection System is a product recommended by the Polish Society for the Protection of Birds.