E-mobility safety tools

Electromobility is our new reality that has smoothly emerged from futuristic visions of life and is taking over more and more of its areas. Vehicles, until recently powered by engines and using petroleum fuels, have a new future ahead of them - electric. The market for such solutions developed slowly, overcoming a number of limitations - maximum vehicle weight, range limited to a few kilometers, lack of a dense network of charging stations. However, over time, all these obstacles became history, the sight of electrically powered cars, scooters, segways, electric skateboards and unicycles is no longer a frame from a science fiction movie, but a normal picture of an average city street

The battery cannot be turned off, it is always a source of electricity and, despite its low voltage, is able to generate a lot of energy in the event of a short circuit that can occur when using ordinary mechanical tools. As a company with 40 years of experience in creating tools and equipment for carrying out work under voltage, we are well aware of this, which is why we offer the result of the work of our team of engineers. We make our tools from insulating material, reinforcing them with steel only in absolutely necessary places. The latest concept is a line of hybrid tools, prepared in response to the demand reported by electricians. Hybrid tools are an innovative idea developed in our laboratory and, after a series of improvements, successfully introduced into production. We complement the offer of tools with our propositions - insulating covers, helmets, electrical insulating gloves and accessories ensuring safety and enabling first aid. 


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